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    Advantages of PEXALGAS®


    Installation is approximately 50% faster than the CSST installation method and approx. 75% faster than installing black iron pipe.

    Flow rates can exceed and outperform that of traditional gas piping methods allowing for up to 60% reduction in material.

    The coiled pipes are up to 50% lighter in material weight as compared to CSST materials.



    Installation As Easy As...






    PEXALGAS® Standards and Certifications


    Certified to International Fuel & Gas Code

    Certified to International Residential Code

    Certified to Uniform Plumbing Code

    Meets ASTM F1281-2017 standards

    Meets AS 4176.8-2010 standards

                                                                   View ICC-ES PMG Product Certificate
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    Use of the PEXALGAS® system is subject to state and local approvals. 
    Confirm approval for use with the governing authorities for your project location before installing this product.